Summertime "Blahs"

Well… it is barely two weeks into the long break of Summer, and I have already been swept up into a strange weary listlessness. It as though the waves of this past year have rolled me near-dead upon the shore, and I am too weary to delight in the paradise in which I find myself.

A long slow season of Southern nights and long warm days. Nothing to do but everything…

It rained off-and-on for most of the morning into the early evening, clearing only to reveal a setting Sun. Now, all is bathed in the dark lavender shades of nightfall.

The fireflies are out in force, displaying an uncharacteristic boldness – such that I have had no fewer than three or four land on my arm as I sat out on the front porch with the little ones.

I captured one for Gaelynn and cupped it in my hand so she could see its light shine from a close vantage. Israel kept running around the front and back yards trying to catch one himself… quite a sight. He would dash after one when it would illuminate itself, only to have to hesitate or change direction suddenly when he realized that he did not know where it went.

Summer is here, and the day is done.


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