Of New Themes Entered Upon

O, do I marvel at how, within a matter of precious few months/weeks/days, so much can change… such that an entire outlook and range of foresight can be cast towards a completely different horizon! Plans made anew; plans within plans… the answers coming long before the riddles have been spoken.

Another episode of my life winds to a close this Summer, and it shall be during these long sultry days that a transition shall commence. Before thus, there remains much to prepare. Much.

Excitement and fear do pursue themselves around my consciousness like children on a playground… a dizzying bold excitement that is, itself, fraught with an apprehensive sense of trepidation. All of it infused with wonder.

Ah, but how I speak too soon! There is still so much that remains unknown and unsure. Perhaps one thing shall not lead to another and the Season shall bear itself out with little discernable difference than that which came before. Perhaps…

Even so, it is well with my Soul.


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