Tag `em and bag `em…

From time to time, I am beleaguered with any number of internet-related “memes” that have been passed along a great chain of forwarded emails, weblog trackbacks, and/or message board postings.

More often than not, I simply disseminate the gist of the information/sentiment/inquiry in a nanosecond`s passage of synapse, before going on about my business. I do not begrudge others for whatever they might send my way… be it some sappy “glurge” about a bedridden child whose dying wish is to have you “forward this email to 15 of your friends” or even some reactionary polemic about nefarious political agendas of creeping humanism.

Of all of the appurtenances of this “information age” with which one is bombarded, the brand of “metadata” that I think annoys me the least is the “tagging” of friends and/or family. Tagging being a form of social engineering wherein a group of people, with some shared relationship in common, takes turns answering a prearranged set of inquiry.

Some time back I was “tagged” in this manner by TMPavek, with the qualifier that I post “eight random facts/habits” about myself in my own journal and then list eight others to be “tagged” and thus continue this mini-narrative:

1.) I bite my nails, I have since childhood. More out of stupid habit than of any nervousness or anxiety.

2.) I involuntarily bounce my leg, a lot. The force with which I will bounce my leg has jarred paintings off of walls.

3.) I can only sleep between 4 and 6 hours a night, irrespective of how tired I might feel or how little sleep I have been getting.

4.) I went “stag” with a buddy of mine to the high school Prom in my Senior year; we ate our dinner at The Chicken Ranch (a restaurant/brothel in East Texas) in protest of… uh, something.

5.) I have strange tendencies towards both musical and numerical Synesthesia. Certain timbres, tones, and pitches are represented by color within my mind – and numbers evoke a visceral emotional (as well as intellectual) reaction.

6.) I graduated almost at the bottom of my high school class, where I was notorious for chronic self-destructive underachievement… but have (to date) maintained a collegiate grade point average of 3.5, including a run of perfect 4.0s during consecutive semesters.

7.) I wanted to be an officer in the military when I grew up (as a young boy) and seriously considered attempting to get into West Point via an athletic scholarship (when I was a teenager) with the ultimate goal of becoming some sort of “reincarnation” of Julius Caesar.

8.) “I am myself indifferently honest, but yet I could accuse me of such things that it were better my mother had not borne me: I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious; with more offenses at my beckoning than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time in which to act them out.” (from Hamlet, act III scene I)

While the following people are obviously under no obligation to perpetuate this trifle, I would like to “tag” Anita, Dianne, John, Jonny, Randy, Robin, Tim, Valerie.


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