Saturday`s Sighs

Another idle day… passing slowly in a warm transience of Sun and shade. The ninth day of the sixth month.

I should have mowed today. The grass has greatly benefited from days of intermittent showers, and is prime for the edge of the whirring blade. Aside from being somewhat overgrown, the grounds are in excellent shape.

Little was accomplished today… of course, so very little was attempted. I spent much of the hours in one form of relaxation or another. Sometimes reading, other times listening to music or watching a film… or just lounging around watching my children play.

In the late afternoon we ate a fine Supper. As the evening encroached, I cuddled with Sophia in the living room. Before long, it was time for the children to go to bed.

Within the few hours that have passed between then and now, I have wandered around… both in the quietude of my sleeping house and around the darkened grounds of our yard and neighborhood.

The fireflies are creeping outward from their long sleep of Seasons past, whirring and whirling around in flickering green-gold traceries of light.

Sitting outside, in the cool grass of my front yard, I watch the starry skies overhead. I think of myself and of these days I am given. I wonder about the Time that is to come… the days, the weeks, the months, and the dying Summer of faraway August. Of August and everything after…

So many decisions to consider, plans and preparations to be made. Life. Time. Lifetime(s) to be lived.

My children grow with each passing day of countless miracles and look to me for answers.

Time holds me enslaved; destiny approaches with breathtaking haste.

When the day is done, down to Earth sinks the Sun…

…along with everything that was lost and one, when the day is done.


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