A Moment`s Peace

Being home after a long sojourn, and no longer engaged in the labors of the academic term, I find myself given over near-completely to an impulse of rest upon rest.

Indeed, it is such that I am desirous to do nothing further than spend my hours between nods in activities of sheer leisure and relaxation… if I can be said to be doing anything at all.

Cozily have I found this brief caesura of playing the wastrel, for there are many matters with which I shall have to contend in the days to come – and I shall earn better days of repose than these, for such is a better-won prize than even the wages of one`s labors.

At this late hour, my mind begins to reel at all that remains to be accomplished in a span of precious few days… such that my earnest and industrious sensibilities would charge me to adjourn of my idleness in the interest of preparations.

By and by, I will let it go…

Inasmuch as there is much to be done, I trust that I (that is the “we” of my beloved and I) shall relish this paltry rest of week`s end – only to emerge at the forefront of a new week with a conquering vigor to attend to the tasks at hand.

…all of which may only come to pass by His good pleasure.


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