"…out for Summer, out `til Fall…"

Tomorrow is the last day of the school year, and the beginning of a long well-earned Summer respite…

Ah me… how I remember the sweetness of these days when I was a youth!

O, how the last weeks & days seemed to stretch on for so long, only to end in an abrupt dnouement of middling ceremony… and the elation of the last ringing bell.

Hallways strewn with scattered books and papers, students milling about in laughing ebullience.

Raucous “high fives” and gentle tear-stained embraces.

As I have worked as a teacher in various different schools, I have always met the term`s end with a confliction of senses… those of both battle-weary satisfaction and profound disquiet.

While, on one hand, I am eager to assist my students` progress into their next proscribed level of academic matriculation… as soon as I am left with a classroom of empty chairs and barren bulletin-boards, I am gripped by a mild anxiety for all that I have neglected to teach.

No sooner have my students escaped my clutches into the radiance of Summer`s sun-kissed leisure, than I am ruminating upon that which they shall require upon the Autumnal season`s return.


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