Only One More Week

The last day of the workweek, but this one is even more agreeable than usual… for this is the next-to-last week before the beginning of the long Summer interlude.

Soon to come are the idler rhymes of Summer`s time, sweet and solemn and tender. Night`s fair with the haze of the Moon`s pale rays, darkening the bright Sunset`s splendor.

Ah, but `tis a bitter-sweetness to it all. I shall miss my students, and long wonder at the years that lay ahead of them. Always shall I keep my ears attuned to the familiar harmony of their names, wishing them well in their further education.

This time next week we shall be, by GOD`s Grace, on the road to East Texas to visit family and to attend my youngest brother`s graduation from High School.

It will also be the first time any of them have seen Sophia.

As for tonight, I am weary; I desire to sleep and rest… and dream of the sunnier days to come.


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