Uncle George

George is someone whose influence has loomed large over my life… which is quite surprising when you consider that I rarely saw him growing up. As long as I can remember, I was compared to him and told how much we shared in common.

He is also a very reserved man, which can be misunderstood as being aloof or snobbish. Despite not coming from a literary (or even college-educated) family, he is very erudite and sophisticated – his education coming mostly at the expense of bookstores and overdue library books. George Prosser is a “self-made man” if ever there was one.

My uncle lives out on the East Coast and, due to the constraints of running his own business as well as his domestic responsibilities as a husband/father, he has very little expendable time… which often leaves him rather outside of the loop when it comes to family matters.

Having reestablished communication with Andrew, George was the next in a logical procession of events that have been proceeding in recent months… and it has been good to be back in touch with him.

The strange thing about George and I (at least, on my part) is that, despite the great time and distance, every time we get in contact with each other… it is almost as though we have scarcely been apart. Of course, there is still so much between us that remains to be learned and understood – as so much occurs between every turn of the Seasons. So much has been missed, so little has been shared.

This too, I am resolved to change.


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