Andrew Prosser

I was finally able to get in touch with Andrew recently… Andrew my young cousin, the firstborn son of my mother`s eldest brother George.

`Tis strange to correspond with him now, to try to get to “know him” after so many years of naught but silence. Silence not wrought out of grudge or contempt, but merely out of distance and accessibility. I have, to a large degree, missed out on most of Andrew`s young life – following it only secondhand from a great distance away, and even at that… only intermittently.

Nowhere was this more apparent in the sort of breeziness with which he has carried on in conversation with me.

Of course, as he is but a sixteen year-old manling, a certain blas posture is to be expected. Yes… the cool disinterest of a teenage boy-man.

Be that as it may, I can sense a certain slight disinterest on his part – not so much out of apathy or even bitterness, but simply because I am someone that has been relegated to a far corner of his own perception of family. A sentiment that I should be able to empathy with more than most.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to consider how others might perceive me? While there are significant differences to the variables involved in this case as compared to that of my parents and siblings, I can perceive how my own emotional distance can seem to come across as aversion.

I confess there is no small pain on my part, as well as a good portion of discomfiture… as much as my own self-righteousness might rise up in defense: “But why haven`t they kept in better touch with me?!”

Reasons abound, and I try not to make it a habit to expect from others what I do not thereby demand from myself…

All of this nonsense notwithstanding, my efforts to keep in contact with Andrew (and Colin, his younger brother) have been rather paltry.

This, I am resolved to change.


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