Fare thee well…

We are bidding some of our dearest friends a very fond farewell upon this weekending…

They will be venturing for the mountainous region of Switzerland, backpacking it across the Alps and sleeping under the stars. Their children will be staying with relatives in another state, so it is not only the adults that shall miss each other.

Benjamin & Sasha will depart Monday evening, flying across the Atlantic back to the “old world” of Europe. After a few days of acclimation and sight-seeing, they shall begin their long winding odyssey from Geneva to Zurich.

I can imagine their nervous excitement at this jolly escapade, as I am excited for them – thrilled that they are able to partake of such an undertaking, and eager to hear of the numerous wonders that such a journey is bound to entail. Ah me, how I shall relish their stories and recollections!

More than any of this, I am glad for the challenge of this excursion. It shall be a trying time for them in parts, and their many endurances shall be pressed.

If I know them at all, they will no doubt revel in such conditions – and in my mind`s eye, I can see them… striding up the steep trails, breathing deep the thin air, and pushing themselves further-on and further-on.

Letting no trifling encumbrance hold them back or slow them down, but fighting a good fight… onwards towards a well-earned rest under the sparkling infinity of a starry heaven.

Fare you well, my beloved friends, and may His angels keep their watch over you in this mighty adventure.


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