Thoughts Arrive Like Butterflies

A simple trifle, and nothing more…

Much have I to do upon this evening, but I thought I must hesitate in the midst of my haste to recollect a long instant of few seconds.

It was in the minutes between the turning of the hour of seven into the hour of eight, that I had wearily walked out onto the front porch of my home.

Gaelynn and Israel were in their bedroom… she was silently reading a library book in her pink chair with a lock of hair between her slender fingers and he rearranging his train tracks into one strange circuitous form or another. Sophia, after an evening feeding, had only just gone down for bed.

The house was, for the most part, quiet. A serene calm, cool – as the windows were all cast open, leaving the house breathing the Southerly winds.

Still, I wandered out of doors and sat upon the front stoop of my porch… letting my gaze fall lazily upon the Western sunset.

A fat gray squirrel scampered across my yard, hesitating on its haunches and tasting the air before disappearing into a shadowy hedge.

There are butterflies everywhere.

Clinging to the lichen of the vast American Elm that stretches its long arms over the length & breadth of the front of our grounds, they flit throughout the air in speckled swarmings.

They land upon my arms and shoulders; I feel them tousling my hair in small baby`s breath gentle flickerings of their wings.

It was beautiful.


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