…home, where my thought`s escaping…

“Happy Wednesday, Daddy!” Israel says to me as I enter the front door of the house. After a rather long day, at the pinnacle of the workweek, `tis just the salve I require to soothe my wearied sensibilities…

I walk through the doorway and collapse into the plush living room sofa – as my two elder children clamor and scamper all over me. Gaelynn offers to take off my shoes and rub lotion on my bare feet, while Israel holds me fast around the neck and smooches me with peanut-butter & jelly lips.

Candace welcomes me with a kiss and a tall glass of cold water. Sophia sleeps in the last vestiges of her afternoon nap, but will soon join in the familial hospitality that is customary upon my return home.

Ah me… I do adore this closeness our little family shares, and I shall do all that I can to preserve it into the years to come.


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