Mother`s Day

Upon a moment`s reflection, I think of my mother… and the mothers of my line, going backwards through the corridor of time to the mystic black soil of irinn.

I think of sacrifice and diligence, grace and contempt. Wars, tragedies and rapturous joys. The agony and ecstasy of childbirth. The joys and aches of parenthood. Love & loss.

My mother… of how I long held her in an awe that befit nothing less than matriarchal divinity, and yet never failed to disappoint her dreams and ambitions for my life.

The mothers that came before… who, alongside my fathers, wrought a great chain of familial bonds that remain encoiled within the depths of my heart`s-love.

More than any of this, however, I think of my dear beloved…

When I first met her she was but a gentle girl. Demure and poised, with an inner-light of feminine purity and sparkling joie de vivre… yet I did not see the true wonder which resided within her, the mother she was yet-to-be.

I have seen her bear our four children… weeping together in sorrow at the loss of one, and sharing tears of joy in the births of our living three.

I have marveled at her strength and diligence as a woman; beheld her many graces in all manner of adversities; stood in wonder at her undying devotion for her family; and basked in the moon-glow of her abiding love for me.

Happy Mother`s Day… O thou, my sweet beloved one.


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