Whew! `Tis the sudden ending of what seemed a rather long week…

There are but three weeks remaining to the academic semester before the long warm reprieve of Summer`s swelter. The final turn in the term`s long arc.

Of course, for public school teachers, that means it`s time to trot out the “busy work” assignments and other sorts of time consuming endeavors. Recently, upon noticing how little actual education was taking place, I asked a colleague of mine why so many teachers were just “phoning it in” – even more than usual.

The colleague responded that with all of the year`s standardized tests completed, there was little else required of the teachers but to start updating their resumes and finalizing their vacation plans.

Your tax dollars at work.

…all of that aside, there is yet a quaint and curious bittersweetness to the ending of this 2006-07 school year. So much time shared with others in an earnest and ardent common accord. Verily there cannot help but be some resilient bonds between teachers and students all.

Of course, how pronounced the cooling of sentiment that has taken place since the days of the “Down On The Farm” events.

While there no longer is any open outward contempt, the furtive glances speak volumes. The silence from my so-called peers is deafening.

Ah, but I do not desire to run my finger of thought upon the scars of old wounds… nor befoul myself in the mire of past times.

Weary and winsome in this late hour, I only wish to express just how much I shall miss them all. Learning with them. Fighting. The heat of battle. Teaching.

It must be as it may.


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