Atop The Stronghold

A recent poll of American college professors, inquiring of them their feelings towards specific religious groups indicated a majority opinion of unfavorable towards “American Evangelicals” (which is, itself, a whopper of a broad generalization).

In a related story… scientists believe that the sky is, in fact, blue.

President of Southern Seminary (the “flagship” seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention) Al Mohler weighs in:

“…the fact that such bias exists is significant in its own right, considering the fact that a majority of Americans at least claim to be evangelical Christians. The ideological chasm that increasingly divides the academic elite from the larger culture is in full view here. Many academics, by their own admission, look down upon evangelical students, evangelical churches, and evangelical citizens…”

Do professional academics hold an ideological bias against American Evangelicals? Uh, does an ursine mammal evacuate its bowels in the arboreal regions?

The vagaries and broad generalizations of these categories notwithstanding, of course there is a bias “against” evangelicals – just as there is a rampant undercurrent of distrust amongst “evangelicals” towards “experts” “scholars” and other self-important blowhards of an obdurate “liberal” perspective.

This contempt has been carefully cultivated over the last several decades, and if “evangelicals” wish to be taken seriously by the so-called “academic elite” than I suggest we stop trying to outshine the scholastic ivory tower with a political one, and engage them in a manner more analogous to that of our LORD.

“…a wise man scales the city of the mighty, and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.”


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