"…life is a zoo in a jungle…"

Today I visited the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens up in the “adventure district” of north-eastern Oklahoma City…

Again, it was a field trip for our school – though (again) whether it was some manner of reward for status quo mediocrity or other sort of contrivance, I am not privy to such information. Yet again, it was an opportunity to see just how obnoxious a large group of pampered and coddled teenagers can act in public.

I must admit that the group of students under my care were rather well-behaved, and that we had a fine afternoon seeing all the exhibits and discussing various biological and environmental issues. However, talking with the other Teachers (and parental Chaperones) on the bus ride home, it seemed that my experience was a stark contrast to theirs.

To this curious inconsistency, I can only wonder…

Nevertheless… I enjoyed the afternoon. It was good to get out and ramble about the vast expanse (110 acres!) of the Zoo.

Compared to other Zoos I have visited, the OKC Zoo seems to put a stronger emphasis on local flor and faun – which is just fine with me, though some people prefer the more exotic. I was able to get close enough to the Bison to grab a handful of its fur (were I so inclined) and the grounds were blanketed by radiant swaths of Oklahoma wildflowers.

The Great Apes exhibit and the enormous indoor Aquatics facilities were each exceedingly interesting, as well as the wide-open savannahs that were simulated for the sake of the meandering Zebras, Giraffes, and Elephants.

Much as was the case with Bricktown Ballpark, the admission fee is paltry for what is offered – and I look forward to returning to the Zoo quite soon, accompanied by Candace and our little ones.

We shall make an entire day of it, and what a day it shall be.


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