"…and so we`re told, this is the golden age…"

While there are no longer any national governments that legally recognize, condone, or enforce the institutional aspect of human slavery – it is still with us.

The formal abolition of slavery by the nations of the world does not preclude its continued existence.

According to even the most conservative of estimates, there are untold millions of human beings held in unjust bondage by their fellow man… and more than half of them are children.

Organizations such as the Not For Sale Campaign estimate that there are twenty-seven million slaves worldwide, and an additional one million people are trafficked throughout the world every year – at least twenty-thousand into and throughout the United States.

Even as we live in an age where millions upon millions of unborn children are murdered each year by Abortion, we have a vast contingent of “disposable people” that are bought and sold and used up and cast away.


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