Dulcet Days & Exquisite Eves

O, how piteous a creature is he that was forced to remain indoors on a day as glorious as this!

Clear blue sun-kissed skies and gentle flowing Southerly breezes. A near-perfect day to be out and about.

Having scrimped a few spare rare legal tenders, we were able to purchase a pittance of petrol fuel for my dilapidated fuel-suckin` lawnmower – enabling me to spend a goodly portion of the mid-day hours taming the wilds of my overgrown grounds.

Down and back, across and across and back again – the dank and sweet fragrance of the shorn sodden turf, greening my sandaled feet `neath the moist verdant chaff. Blades and blossoms swirled about my face in the wake of roaring engine and whirling motor-scythe, faint odors of engine exhaust mingling with the nectar of the hewn tall grasses. Pungent and aromatic. Sweet and bitter.

My task completed, I spent the rest of the day both in and out of doors at various instances in the hours that followed…

Our windows remained open late into the evening, as the crickets and insects o` the fields serenaded us in chorus.

The ceiling fans rotated lazily, but it was superfluous when compared to the graceful civility of a near-perfect and sweet Spring afternoon.


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