"…ain`t got time to make no apology…"

For each occurrence of the 21st day of April, o`er each of the last several years now, I have continually marveled at the rather cynical harmony of a day which gave birth to both Iggy Pop and the Roman Empire. How perfect – how utterly perfect.

“…the air has become red, violence is to be treasured above idea, sweat above mind–loathing of all that passes before one`s gaze above a love for GOD…”

Iggy Pop (the former James Newell Osterberg, Jr.) was born on this day in the year 1947 in a provincial little Michigan town on the banks of one of the industrial waste-ridden Great Lakes. On the same day, a mere two-thousand and seven hundred years earlier, Romulus slayed his brother Remus and established Rome over his dead brother`s body upon the banks of the vile Tiber.

Whilst Iggy is no longer carving his physique with shards of broken bottles and Rome is no longer devouring the lands which surround the Mediterranean, their relevance to their respective arenas cannot be ignored.

Rome has seemed to relax into its Sunset years as a rustic haven for tourists and even Iggy has recently released an acoustic album of urban folk ballads – but beneath these grizzled and graying veneers beat raging hearts, and hands soaked with blood.

Lifting itself from the dusty bestial chaos of the ancient world and falling upon every surrounding tribe like a Jove, greedily feasting upon land and sea until it grew torpid in its indulgence and fell under its worldly madness.

In death was it conceived and by more death was/is it nurtured. Spreading across clan and village like a plague – bested only by the Way of Love, to whom it still raises a unique and silent siege.

This was, and is, Rome.

Screeching bloody murder to the grinning benign post-Woodstock masses, gnashing his teeth to the driving beat of American Midwestern malaise, and sweating punk rock sonatas from sea to shining sea – Iggy offered himself up as a sacrifice to the highest bidder and, in the end, almost lost his very Soul. He`s in dirt and he don`t care.

Like so many others, with the dawning of another day he has been given yet another opportunity to accept the only Eternal Recompense that can be found for humanity – may he grasp this true atonement before it is too late.

Today, this land and this man celebrate their births…


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