the Bayeux Tapestry

1066. Norman Invasion of Viking England. Harold Godwinson and William the Conqueror. The Battle of Hastings. 1066, one of the most significant years in the history of Western Civilization – and the axis upon which it turned was the Battle of Hastings.

Twenty inches tall and 230 feet long, the Bayeux Tapestry is a vast ornately embroidered cloth that depicts these momentous events…

A project like is something I would have loved to have been a part of – of course, were I so inclined towards the craft of computer animation, I likely would have already attempted such an endeavor as this.

However, I would prefer it to be realized in greater fullness and scale; with music (and other sound elements) of purely original construction, rather than lifted from other sources (especially as O Fortuna can get a trifle tiresome after a few hundred hearings).

All the same, I wonder why none have attempted to capture the year 1066 via the celluloid transom, nor any of the many dramas within dramas contained within its span of months twelve?

Verily there is abundant raw data with which to garnish with a sumptuous narrative – enough to satisfy even the unwashed masses, to whom such chapters in history are often little more than tedium.

Perhaps I should be thankful for this, as an artless gesture is not to be preferred over the absence of an attempt.


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