Strawberry Springs & Indian Summers

Blast you, unwanted and unwarranted Winter doldrums!

I have slowly acclimated to the warmer climes of Spring, to only now be forced to pilfer through the storage of our closet for my heavy jacket. The next few days should be cold and gray, with a slight chance for snow in the forecast.

Snow? In April?! Man, I tell ya… if this “Global Warming” gets any worse, I`m going to freeze to death. In fact, I could go for some real global warming `bout now – these cold foggy morning/rainy afternoons can get a bit tiresome.

The cold begins to wear upon me, chilling still raw and naked sensibilities.

I ask myself: is this “cold snap” that is the true aberration, or was the warmth of a Strawberry Spring the uninvited interloper?


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