Scattershot & Murmurs

There is a lot going on right now, much more than I could begin to go into at this point…

I feel onerous in spirit, weighted with many concerns and exterior distractions – most of which have little to do with what and where I am at the moment; disparate of each other and oblivious to their encumbrance upon my person.

So, having unburdened some few of my thoughts on these topics, here are a few trifles of random and inconsequentialities:

Download hours and hours of mp3 files of various Sermons/Lectures by Christian Philosopher (and one of the few true geniuses of the 20th century): Rousas John Rushdoony. Yeah, yeah… so he was an ardent Theonomist and the father of the modern “Reconstruction” movement, nobody is perfect! Rushdoony understood and could delineate the ideological threads of human history like no one else.

In a similar bent is this incredible archive of Lectures from R. C. Sproul, including video(!); and on the more “secular” end of things is this repository of documentaries that are available to be viewed online.

Of course, I am also reserving my copy of Douglas Wilson latest tome Letter From A Christian Citizen – a point-by-point refutation of Letter To A Christian Nation by Atheism Activist Sam Harris. Now I disagree with Wilson on numerous issues, but we are of one accord in this sort of venture (at least). On his website, Wilson writes:

“…In bygone days, atheists would patronize believers, patting us on our silly heads, but more recently the tone has gotten pretty belligerent. Not only is this the case, but the market for this kind of militancy appears to be robust… It seems apparent to me that Christians have to respond in a way that is no less vigorous than the challenge that has been mounted.

…I am not writing this as a book-monger, or as an author interested in self-promotion. The point is not sales, or notoriety. The point is to meet the challenge…”

Meet the challenge indeed. Even famous (or infamous) “mega-church” CEO Rick Warren is getting in on the fun. Ugh.

On a humorous note, here are three ingenious works of satire, all courtesy of Lark News:

Jesse Duplantis A Surprise Hit In Paris: While Duplantis`s American audience is limited mainly to TBN viewers and Word of Faith churches, in Paris he has built a following as a comic genius. After his recent appearance, a French newspaper called him a “brilliant showman and deft satirist of all things religious and American.”

South Carolina Gives In To Homeschooling Secessionists: Around secessionist territories little appeared different. But public schools sat vacant. Streets had been renamed after American Revolutionaries. Citizen-guards stood on street corners with what appeared to be muskets, and a “Flogging schedule” was posted in the town square. Some public signs were altered to give them olde English spellings.

Local Youth Pastor Tries Inauthenticity: “Authenticity is bogus,” he says. “It`s never real. Nobody knows himself well enough to be fully authentic, and trying to self-divulge all the time breeds shallow relationships because it denies the complexity and mystery of human personalities.”

The “Jesse Duplantis” one is so dead-on that it would not surprise me to find out that something along similar lines might actually be true; the homeschooling one hit rather close to home, but in a good way; and the last one had me roaring with laughter at its ironic applicability to certain persons with whom I am familiar.


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