Facing Her Fear

`Tis so strange how certain tiny moments in our young lives can influence, or simply bring to light, the sort of people we are or will become. There are many such moments in my life, and I could easily exhaust the very few minutes I have set aside this late evening to explore some of them… however, there was something that happened this evening that I desire to share instead. It concerns my firstborn daughter Gaelynn…

She, her brother, and I spent much of the late afternoon and evening out-of-doors – for the weather was most pleasant today and the evening only more-so. I was sitting out in the front yard in the grass holding Sophia, as Gaelynn and Israel ran around the front area of the grounds in one sort of play or another.

Candace was gone, attending to some business for her employer, and we expected her back before the children`s bedtime. I had much to do, in certain obliged preparations, but forsook these to repose with my dear little ones for a sweet span of hours.

As the hour grew quite late and dark, the children`s activities drew closer and closer to where I reclined in the yard with their sister – until we were all sitting in the grass together, looking up into the starry Night.

Gaelynn asked me if she could go into the backyard to look for Fireflies, to which I replied that it was still too early (and yet too cool) for the Fireflies to be out. Despite this, I told her she could go into the backyard to look… if she was indeed in earnest.

She replied that she would like to take a brief walk around the backyard anyway, and asked if I would accompany her.

As I was giving Sophia a bottle at the moment, I told her to go on without me and that I would join her after a while. To this, she changed her mind and seemed no longer interested in going into the backyard at all.

Curious at this, I asked if she was merely afraid to go into the backyard alone – for the shadow of the trees keep it quite dark back there in the evening. My gentle daughter is, like most children, not fond of being by herself in such environs. All the same, I am unwilling for such timidity to go unbridled.

She answered that she did not like to be in the darkness alone, that in the dark she sometimes saw things that are not there and it frightens her.

Understanding this in my nodded assent, I told her to go into the gloom of the vast backyard and pluck a single Star of Bethlehem bloom for me.

Overcoming her dread, and in obedience to me, she did so.

This is my daughter.


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