I Hear Thunder Rolling From A Clear Blue Sky

Trends. Trends in culture flowing from trends in ideological thought. Trends. Trends in population growth and technological advance… bigger better faster more; more and more. Increasing divergence in socio-economic disparity. The March of Time and the Course of Empire.

…i amar prestar aen

han mathon ne nen

han mathon ne chae

a han nostron ned wilith…

Ah me, how the world has changed – so much since even the seeming halcyon days of my gilded youth.

`Twas ten Summers come and gone since I had first learned about the existence of this strange new medium called “the Internet” and caught my first glimpse of what lay in the future. Before the end of 1997, I had acquired my first email address and joined the teeming masses… now I can scarcely imagine what life was like before the technological onslaught these last ten years have contained. I can remember that things seemed a lot quieter before.

Still… what further sweeping innovations are yet forthcoming, and just how much faster will things escalate? Is this “progress” of industry leaving a “regress” of the spirit in its wake? Are we, in fact, living in “exponential” times – or is this simply a case of statistical hysterics?

What of my children – how will the world appear to them? How can I, as their parent, prepare them for gathering storm I see darkening the horizon?

Many questions and far fewer answers…

I hear the Thunder rolling from the clear blue Sky.


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