Good Friends/Good Times

Earlier we visited with Blythe & Casey at their pastoral farmhouse outside of town. Like us, they have just recently welcomed a new baby girl into their burgeoning fold, so Candace and Casey spent most of the afternoon trading advice and anecdotes – while also getting to know each other better. The same, I suppose, could be said for Blythe and I…

We`re both rather laid back personalities, but in different ways. Blythe possesses an “even keel” that seems to keep him balanced in even the most harried of situations; whereas my calmness is more of a practiced restraint of the tumult that resides within. Despite his congenial and forbearing demeanor, the sort of questions Blythe asks betray the depth of consideration with which he weighs your discourse.

In a similar sense have Blythe and I “experienced life” and pursued “worldly wisdom” but, upon our maturity in Christ, come to prefer the simplicity of a humble subsistence to that of overreaching ambition and vain strivings after the wind (Ecclesiastes).

The best part of the visit took place during the midst of our conversation… we had all stopped talking for a few minutes, and just sat there – listening to the Music of the silences… the wind flowing over the grasslands and bending the surrounding trees in a glorious rush.

Even our children had seemed to become enchanted by the gentle beauty of this natural euphony, hesitating their runnings about for a long moment of Quiet. `Twas a beautiful and magic moment, ending altogether too soon.


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