A Little Spring Cleaning

Spring Break. Five days off in a row, ample time to tend to some much-needed chores and errands – both around the house and within my mind. I hope to do much reading and writing during this week, that I will return to task upon the 26th of March with renewed vigor.

However, the first part of today was consumed with the 800-lb gorilla in our garage…

Over the long Autumn and Winter, the garage acts as something of a catch-all for various stores of equipment and other somewhat superfluous materials – to say nothing of the cumbersome seasonal decor that is daintily removed from its Spring and Summer`s nap before being haphazardly stored away again after the Yuletide fires have long since smoldered.

The effect is that our garage becomes increasingly cluttered and disorganized by the time that the first dewdrop mornings of Springtime are upon us.

So… our approach to remedying this problem is to drag everything out onto the driveway and methodically sift through it all, asking ourselves: “Do we really need/want this?”

Candace and I are always looking for better ways to manage and organize our possessions, to minimize waste and utilize our resources to maximum efficiency.

A new wrinkle that I have added is to expand “my corner” of the garage to include room for a weight bench to use in synchrony with my punching bag (and other various exercise equipment), I`m also hoping to run electricity out there for lighting and for whatever other sorts of projects we look to undertake this Summer.

In summation: we finished the garage not long after the Luncheon hour and have already started initial outlines on some of our other gardening endeavors. Everything looks great and I`m eager to see how things progress.


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