Sons & Daughters Of Éirinn

Today is the day set aside for honoring the man known as Patrick of Ireland, credited for introducing the Christian faith to Ireland and thus driving the pagans out of their long-entrenched preponderance.

A long line of my family is drawn from the peat-black earth of the Emerald Isle. Those ancestors of mine not descendent from the great Eastern Woodlands of the Iroquois Confederacy, came from across the mystic whale-road… a royal line of High Kings, revolutionaries, Poets, and peasants.

How strange that the muddy bogs and misty rivers of irinn still capture the allure of children that have never known her – as if particles of the soil still mingle in our bloodstreams, beckoning us back across the sea to her soft embrace.

Yet, in a like manner to my reflections upon this day last year, I have given much more thought to the wonder of Divine providence… how the LORD conquers a wild and carnal family such as mine, after permitting it to wander apart from Him for untold generations, and takes for Himself a remnant of a name.

Meallan muilte D go mall ach meallan siad go mion – nr laga Dia mo lmh!


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