A New Week

I only have a few minutes before class begins, but I wanted to write a few things about this morning…

The shift in time has had no significant effect on our household aside from those of observance – namely, that we notice the Sun to arise “earlier” in the morning and set “later” in the evening. Though the progression of Time is certainly no illusion, the marking of such strays precipitously close to being arbitrary.

All that aside… when I stepped out of the front door of my house and turned my face towards the Eastern Sky, I beheld the Sun climbing up from behind the tree-lined horizon. The air possessed that delightful post-Winter/pre-Spring chill that yields to the blithe warmth of the Noon-tide.

Gazing into the Sunrise, I saw the shimmer and haze of early morn condensation lingering over the distant fields… the silver-opal clouds undulating amidst the bright copperous pewter light of the Sun.

Tiny droplets clung to the stalks of the burgeoning bright green grasses and dangled from the blooming branches of the trees – their Winter nakedness becoming increasingly covered with pure Vernal whites and royal purples.

Now I sit at my desk in the classroom and wait for the first bell to ring. Exposition and Rising Action.

The bell has rung, the day begins…


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