Loving My Neighbor As Myself

Here, in this fair town of Norman, there are many people who live in such wealth as I have never known. Their estates span nearly an acre and tower over each other in perpetual one-upmanship – a zero-sum game of vainglory and greed…

Here, in this fair town of Norman, there are many people who live in squalor and hardship. Their houses are pitiable (if they indeed have houses) and their children often go hungry. By and by there are also those without even a place to call home…

I shall not envy they of abundance any more than I would lord myself of those in want, but instead seeking whatever ways in which I might be a servant to each. The rich and the poor share a common humanity, for the LORD is the maker of them all. Each has needs that encompass far more than mere bread or brick.

Men have no true honor in themselves that is not first derived from how they are known by GOD. The origin of one`s value is not found in the subjective preferences of human doctrine or the vague ideologies of the eons, but only in that from which we are derived – it is His image in us that gives us our intrinsic value.

Ah, but let my love go forth… to all people that I might encounter. Let me regard each of them as greater than myself, and be ever watchful of however I might aide them to their good.

If they are of my LORD, may I be a loving Brother; ever vigilant to nurture and edify them in whatever simple way I might.

If they know nothing of the Grace of Jesus Christ, may they pass into Hell only over my dead and broken body.


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