To My Daughter On Her Birthday

“…I know a girl,

she puts the color inside of my world;

but she`s just like a maze,

where all of the walls all continually change…”

Dearest Gaelynn,

Seven years come and seven years gone, today is your birthday…

As I look back over the last few years (see past letters in 2004, 2005, 2006), I see many things which have changed as well as some of the consistencies which have not. You are growing and maturing so quickly, my child, and I remain in perpetual awe at the abundant blessing it has been thus far to know you.

In appearance… you are tall and willowy, with fine delicate features. Your hair and skin seem as poetic manifestations of your inner person. Long honey-gold and gossamer-like tresses, with a slight wave that is often seen trailing after your laughing face in the wind or falling gently over your high elegant forehead in furrow-browed concentration. Though long-limbed and broad-shouldered, your frame is angular and graceful – traits that I think would suit you well for Dance as well as competitive Swimming.

In intellect… you are among the many blessed children of this land who are schooled at home. While I will not bother comparing my assessment of your achievements to those who are not as fortunate as to have their own parents as their teachers, I can say that you are progressing in a superlative manner and that you either meet or exceed my expectations for your development at this present time. At this, very early, stage your interests seem most bent towards Science or Literature – yesterday you mentioned to me that you would like to be a “Horse Doctor” when you grow up.

In personality… you remain, as I have described you in past summations, most constant in your inconsistency. Serene, blithe, gentle, loving, demure, prim, boisterous, frenetic, impetuous, capricious, exuberant – you are all of these things in part and none of them in whole. I could not encapsulate you in a single word, save for that of your name: Gaelynn, and you are indeed a “beautiful tempest” to your father. Your more childish inclinations are not remembered long to me, and I am grateful to have so sensitive and tender a firstborn child – a lovely and sweet girl whom dotes upon her youngling brethren and ardently seeks after the loving approval of her parents.

My sweet Gaelynn… I know have gone on quite long enough but I hope that whenever you do read this honest (if rather pompous) trifle, in some far-off day that I now know not, it has served to express some little of my love and affection.

Above all else, it is my deepest prayer for you today (on this day of Birthday wishes) that you will become more to me than the daughter of my body… that you might, by GOD`s Grace, be known to me as my “Sister” in Jesus Christ.

I remain, your devoted and loving father…


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