My Three

Though I have found it to be quite costly, insofar as my “spare” time is concerned, I have spent every possible moment of this evening in repose with my three children – most of which has been occupied in a paternal fellowship with my youngest child Sophia.

Verily `tis a strange thing to see how fierce one`s child becomes cleft to one`s heart – such that ill-gotten terms like “primal” and “instinctive” are easily bandied about as applicable, when the matter goes far deeper than mere physiological impulse.

In addition to this, it has been my pleasure to study (at close range) the interpersonal relationships between and amongst my children as they “bloom and grow” – especially Gaelynn, for she has taken on the mantle of eldest sibling in an ambitious manner.

Everything from the simplest tasks of consoling Sophia when mildly perturbed, to even the more complex operations of hygiene and infant care – Gaelynn has been up for anything. Admittedly, there`s not a whole lot that we permit her to do at this point without immediate supervision or assistance, but she is always up for anything – and it is precisely her willingness that touches my heart.

Israel remains comparably standoffish, as it seems that the strangeness of this new sibling has not entirely disappeared for him. He does appear to care for her, as he is perfectly willing to play with and show affection towards her, but yet also sometimes possesses a certain stoic boyish reserve about everything. `Tis curious.

Now they sleep… all of them sleep. While I am left with the shadows of recollection and echoes of the remains of the day.


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