Slouching Towards Armageddon

Fifty million Elvis fans can`t be wrong and billions (and billions) of dollars spent on an increasingly incompetent system must eventually work out… eventually.

Pardon me for expressing the slightest twinges of “heretical” doubts at this but, even grade inflation and self-contradictory test results aside, the “Emperor” that is American Education has been skinny dipping in mediocrity for quite some time now.

…one doesn`t need a sensationalistic expose (even one by the exigently hyperbolic John Stossel) to understand that, with the turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer; and as things continue to fall apart, the center shall not hold.

Are generations becoming stupider than those they supplant, truly?

Has specialization and ever-increasing technological improvement left us adrift in our own pseudo-intellectual hubris? and just who is this “us” we speak of, and do I consider myself part and parcel to it or merely an impassive observer?

From what grounding would one consider the various issues at hand or should I stick to a first-person narrative perspective in this journal entry to keep from confusing myself further? But seriously…

I was born and grew up in this country; I have attended public schools and universities in different cities and regions of this country with a spectrum of successes and failures; I have taught children and adults of varying ages for imbursements fine and scarce; I have lived and walked, and read and talked, about these issues with others that have any number of “dogs in the hunt” so-to-speak.

For every clock-punching placeholder with an eye towards an ever-coming Summer vacation, there is his/her antithesis straining to lift little downcast eyes towards the empyrean heavens – though, tragically, far more of the former than the latter.

The center will not hold, and the terrible Inevitability is in sight for those who have the eyes to see its coming.


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