Growing Up In Public (part V)

Chapter V


Though the measures brought against him were both severe and unjust, the Farmer Boy knew that he could easily bear them. In talking with others, and hearing the way his words came back to him in new and strange forms, he began to see that he had no secure counsel amongst his fellow workers nor with his Foreman Overseer.

Chastened by how easily he had trusted in the smiles and deceitful gestures of others, the Farmer Boy resolved to carry himself with greater vigilance of thought and conversation. Inasmuch as he had thought to find a sunny spot within the shadows of Bilkington Farm, his own desires had led him astray in such a longing.

…building a careful lattice of wood and weed and wire, he held his grounds in semblance of a secret – revealing only the color and the shape of his blooms, while concealing the whole of their fragrant beauty from the eyes of certain unwelcome passers-by.

Suspicion and doubt colored the rest of his days at Bilkington with surly shades of brown and gray, though he did not treat his labors with such. The Farmer Boy continued his work with love and valiance; forever reaping a harvest beyond his meager worthiness, by the gracious blessings of the Great King of the Earth.


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