"Are You Ready For Gameday?"

I have only a couple minutes to write (because of just how much I have to do today), but I thought I would mention this video in passing. It is, I believe, a parody of another recent viral advertising campaign used by an athletic shoe company, which first aired during the annual commercial cavalcade of Super Bowl Sunday.

Aside from the “one-trick pony” joke of an overzealous approach to corporate (or, in this case, “spiritual”) motivation, I think there is a far deeper significance to this sort of humor…

First, I recall a very brief essay I wrote about my own experiences and struggles with evangelism – not so much in personal desire or ambition, but in a particular clumsiness out of an attempt to leave no metaphysical stone unturned.

In this sense I feel I was, in my own way, something of an “Evangelism Linebacker” by thrusting myself headlong into contention with a mind towards some vain intellectual Pyrrhic victory rather than a true movement of the Spirit. I wanted the Lost to feel vanquished, rather than proud of their defiance. Like Jonah, I would rather they receive a deserved vengeance than the loving-kindness of His eternal pardon.

Also, there is the matter of institutional method within the broader evangelical culture (if something so vast and varied can be encapsulated into a unified whole), insofar as it touches the understanding of the Great Commission and the local church`s place within its community… to say nothing of how these churches understand what Salvation is (and also what it is not).

With “baptism quotas” and Finney-esque revival crusades (which add empty numbers to already swollen torrents of non-communicant impenitents) plaguing this Western farthing of Christendom, even the most frivolous and puerile of us must be looking for a way to interject an ardent and ferocious passion to carry forth the Gospel before a wanton and dying world.

The answer has always been, and will always be, staring them right in the face.


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