The Wind, O My Soul

Candace just left with the children to visit Blythe and Casey at their home, and to see little Arlie Pearl – the newest addition to their burgeoning family. I had wanted to go but simply had too much work to do – and, with the absence of any errant noise or distraction, I hoped to complete my weekend`s work today so that my evening and `morrow would be my own… I think I have, thus far, been successful at staying ahead of schedule.

There is one thing I would like to mention before I close today`s earnest trifle, and that is to mention the wind…. wait, that`s not quite enough: the Wind. The driving and swirling winds which have shaken the very walls of my house.

Above, and all around us, the air is golden-brown and heavy-laden with the soil it carries in its wings. Through the thick overcast, golden tendrils of light stream in broad hazy beams… undulating with the rolling clouds and roaring Wind.

Soon may these beasts of the air pass us by, revealing the deep blue early Springtime sky.

Let the Sun shine in, let the Son shine.


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