Growing Up In Public (part III)

Chapter III

The Hired Hand was a weary man; it was not entirely his fault – for he was a man with authority over many others, and many others to whom he himself was held accountable. It seemed his mind was constantly awash with strained voices and shrill commands…

He had long forgotten the serenity of the fields and the humble pleasures of a hard day`s work – and his toils were arduous in how they tried one`s patience. The Hired Hand`s sole desire, in almost any given situation, was that everything was run smoothly (or, at least, had the appearance thereof). So long as everything came and went with some semblance of expediency, then his job was easy – but if it did not, then he endured unceasing complaints from the villagers as well as his laborers, to say nothing of those over him to whom he answered.

When Mrs. Bossy Busybody first came before the Hired Hand with her quibbles, his initial feeling was one of annoyance – but her own spite was contagious. It was not long before her anger became his, and in this spirit the Hired Hand brought forth the Farmer Boy and accused him of stealing from the farm as well as using his working hours to “mess around” with some flowers. In addition to this, it was whispered behind the closed doors of the Bunkhouse that the Farmer Boy was a spy – sent to ruin the reputation of Bilkington Farm with the small private landowners (who, themselves, thought that Bilkington should be closed down).

The Farmer Boy did not know how to react to these charges, but he defended himself by explaining that he had not violated any of Bilkington`s rules. He explained that the charges were false and that the entire proceedings were in error, but he was never given adequate time to defend himself before the Hired Hand dismissed him.

Walking home that evening, the Farmer Boy was grieved by what had just occurred and uncertain as to what would come of it all.

Following the Farmer Boy from the shadows of the roadside, Bossy Busybody chuckled to herself…


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