Growing Up In Public (part I)

Down On The Farm

a fairy tale

Chapter I

Once upon a time, in a faraway land of heedless savagery and unreasoned absurdity, there lived a simple Farmer Boy. He was, like many Farmer Boys, simple about his ways but he possessed a fierce integrity about himself – which usually inspired either a mutual respect or a passionate hatred from those who came to know him…

It came to pass that this Farmer Boy hired himself out to an estate known as Bilkington Farm, a plantation of vast and weedy grounds – where, it often was whispered, more crops perished from disease and maltreatment than could be salvaged in Harvest. Nevertheless, old man Bilkington had an immense fortune and invested more of his money without an afterthought – in the myopic hope that somehow things would just eventually get better… somehow.

Now the Farmer Boy knew of the evils of Bilkington (indeed, perhaps he understood them better than most); all the same, he hoped to nourish and grow as many healthy crops as possible. For the ground was fertile and needed only to be nurtured by one with sufficient compassion and wisdom to yield its bounty. As the Farmer Boy gave his fealty to the Great King of the Earth, he would strive to do no less.

The Farmer Boy toiled with relish, fast earning the respect of his fellow laborers as well as that of the Foreman Overseer. This Foreman Overseer entrusted the Farmer Boy with more responsibilities and duties, of which the Farmer Boy was eager to undertake. All was well, and this little windswept patch of land flourished – even over the long white winter.

As the snows faded into the warmth of Spring, the Farmer Boy was keen on just what new adventures this warm tempestuous Season would bring… but all were blind to the maelstrom which lingered over the distant horizon.


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