Monday Morning Meander

`Tis the still quiet minutes before the beginning of the school day, and I am at my desk writing (writing so long as pen and paper are still permitted to me). With a mind still somewhat slumbering, I am slurping long swallows of steaming Earl Grey tea – drinking, thinking, and writing on this chilly Monday morn.

My mind is adrift with meandering thoughts of President`s Day (that is, today) and far-off fantasies of Spring Break and Summer vacation. This is not to say that I, in any way, dread my present day`s work – for it is certainly not so. Only that, upon this quiet morning, my thoughts are given to wander in whatever direction their fancies are bred.

As far as “President`s Day” is concerned, I am curious as to just what sort of emphasis the present-day post-structuralist academic paradigm will put on such “Dead White Males” as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Moreover, I wonder if the occasion will even be mentioned at all…

In regards to Spring Break and the Summer, my thoughts are centered upon the possibility of moving my family into a different house (if the circumstances are suitable) and possible road trips…

As we have increased in family size by one more person, it seems that we must seriously consider find new living arrangements to accommodate our growing family. It is my own reasoning that the optimum time to do so would be before the massive late-Summer influx, as close to the end of the academic term as possible to maximize our selection. The variables are presently in our favor in a way that they have not been in previous attempts. Our current arrangement is more than satisfactory for the time being and we have the leverage to be selective.

Shortly after the holiday season, a dear Aunt of mine invited us out to her cabin in the rolling hills along the Southern California coast. We have talked about making a “road trip” along route 66 “the Mother Road” through the Desert and out to California, staying with my Aunt for a few days before returning home. Like any kind of vacation that is centered on a road trip, the largest expenditure would be fuel costs – so our ultimate decision on the matter would be contingent upon just how affordable such an excursion would be for us.

Well… a student enters the room and bids me a cheery good morning. Soon the first hour bell will ring and a new day shall be underway.

Therefore, let me bring this middling narrative to a close.


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