Transience of the Seasons

“…all Nature seems at work as creatures leave their lair;

the bees are stirring and birds are on the wing.

A graying Winter, slumbering in the open air,

wears on his face a dream of Spring,,,

…and I, the sole unbusy thing,

neither make, nor pair, nor build, nor Sing.”

Out and about… the Season`s change. In what seems to be only a few moments hence, I was writing on the gradual change from Summer into Autumn and Autumn into Winter… and now, we return to the time of rebirth and renewal: the Spring.

Today I greatly enjoyed the warm Southerly winds gusting through the clear skies, the sounds of the birds and squirrels chirping through the trees. Fragrance of open-windowed curtains blowing, children`s laughter skittering in and out-of-doors, a burning sky of blue… Spring.

Only a few minutes ago, I went for a brief walk around my yard and house – gazing through the skeletal treetops into the starry starry night. My bare feet pushing into the warm softened earth, I looked and wondered at everything around me… and thought, for a moment, that I could feel the dizzying planetary spin of our blue-green terrestrial sphere through the silent Universe.


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