Prayer upon the ending of a work week…

I thank You, LORD, for the innumerate blessings upon this week`s endeavors… that You not only bless me with an opportunity such as this one, where I might serve and instruct others, but that in the midst of these deeds You teach and sustain me. While I perform some paltry feat in helping my students to better understand the arcs of human history or the facets of the natural world, You enlighten my mind into the marrows of the human condition – by Your Grace, I speak the wisdom of Your words above that of human fancy and novelty.

I thank You LORD, for the physical-emotional-intellectual-spiritual endurance to stand. On all sides I am overcome by the quips and cranks and wanton wiles of man`s folly, yet You loosen my mouth to contend, rebut, defend, inquire, and educate for the clearer insights of Your ways. During moments of weariness, over the long passage of each day (of each week), I know Your assurances and sweet relief. At night I lay down and sleep deep, and am refreshed all-the-more upon the morning.

LORD, I beg of You that You would please pardon my impulsiveness, my haughtiness, by yearning to bruise and shame others in Your name – caring not that they would truly know You but only that they would be broken in my carnal spite. Drive out of me any desire to lord myself over others, be they my colleagues or my children, and fashion in me the true Servant`s heart of Your dear Anointed One – that I might truly bear witness to Him in a manner worthy of His Name.

Grant me precious rest on this weekend, salve me in the healing bosom of my beloved one`s great-heart, and prepare me for those many tasks You would ask of me on the new span of days.

For Your Name, Your praise, and your Glory alone…



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