Winter`s Wake

The time of Winter is at its end, ever and increasing do the Southerly winds blow… soon the great Sphere shall tilt its northern hemisphere`s `gainst the Sun`s great burgeoning waves of nuclear heat and light, bringing forth the green life from the grounds and trees – awakening the sleeping rodentia and beckon the far-away avian creatures to return to their homes in the American Midwest.

…but softly do the white snowflakes fall upon this gentle morning – not unlike the small sweet kiss I shared with my beloved in departure, only a few minutes hence.

In the early time of the school day, before the rushing throngs of students echo throughout the hallways, I pause for a brief time of contemplation… watching the glorious Sun crest the distant tree-line horizon, illuminating a whitened field of the night`s Wintry labors.

Surely the day`s warmth will consume these ice blossoms before the Luncheon hour – nevertheless, I shall hesitate in my keenings and marvel at the dazzling crystalline fields that surround me on all sides.

Winter is a time of year that can never come too soon for me, and is always passing at an unwanted haste. Be that as it may, my thoughts are centered upon the time and purpose of the forthcoming Season under Heaven.


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