All The Evenings, Close Like This

Of all the things to do with the few free hours of my time after the day`s work, to spend these precious minutes sleeping is an outrage. Having been separated from my beloved ones for much of the day, I would rather enjoy their presence and fellowship for whatever remnant of the evening I can so glean…

…instead, I arrive home as the glimmering Sun descends beneath the distant treetops; handing out a few smattering of affection to my household, I collapse into my bed and close my eyes.

I awake a few hours later, drowsy and confused at my surroundings. I think, for a moment, that it is the morning… that my wife and children are up and enjoying breakfast, and I need to arise quickly to prepare to leave for work. A glance at the bedside clock confuses me further… it is little after nine o`clock yet still dark outside – gradually my mind makes sense out of the haze.

Confusion gives way to frustration and frustration gives way to the slight dejection of knowing that I have slept through an entire afternoon as well as most of an evening… that soon all will be given to their well-earned evening`s repose, and I will remain in quiet solitude.

My wife believes that the rest was needful for me, as I seem to have acquired an annoying touch of the common cold, but such a rest comes at an intolerable price.

The children clamor for my affections, as they sense the waning hour, and I oversee their usual bedtime rituals.

With their teeth brushed and their little selves tucked snugly into their bed, I lead them in soft-spoken evening prayers and gently sing Edelweiss with Gaelynn as Israel`s eyes stare sleepily off into an unfocused distance, blinking away sleepiness.

Kisses and hugs, I bid them the night`s farewell: “Covers up, I send you off. I`ll be watching as you dream.”

…another day is done.


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