Coinage Of One`s Life

Today I am a wastrel – relatively speaking, of course.

With no great undertaking in mind, I have spent much of today in one avenue of leisure or another.

In my smirking defense (at my own accusation) I would wager that even my leisure have been altogether constructive in one sense – even if they stand in stark contrast to the seriousness of my weekday endeavors.

All of this gab and rhetorical loitering aside… I diffuse myself in eddies and am surprised to find myself (over different junctures of the day) in one mart of commerce and another – following a logic of vague serpentine around strategic locations of the town. Strategic because, having received my monthly occupational imbursement, it is now meet that we shall pay what is owed for services rendered.

There are a few “needs” that are inquired into, as well as some paltry few “wants” that are considered and debated between my wife and I. In the end, the largest expenditure comes off the tops of our heads – courtesy of David Robins, our Barber.

As an aside, I have begun to feel on ongoing fatigue over the length of last evening and today… I fear I might be coming down with something. It has been quite some time since I have had suffered any malady more serious than a headache, and such a run is sooner ended than extended.

I pray it is not so, I simply do not have the time for any illness.


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