Coaching In Christ

Admittedly, it has been quite some time since I have personally followed the comings and goings of the NFL and, unless some friend or colleague of mine makes me otherwise aware, I remain almost entirely out-of-touch of the League.

Nevertheless, thanks to my Pastor (as well as some of my co-workers and students) I know that Indianapolis won the Super Bowl over the Chicago Bears – in a match-up that featured two head coaches whom are of African-American descent. Apparently, this is an important little piece of trivia to the media, but for me it holds no interest.

However, I was rather impressed when I read a story from today`s headlines of the Baptist Press news organization. It seems that, far more than being born of a certain ethnicity, each of these men professes to being Born Again in the Blood of Christ – an aspect of their existence that, it seems, underlies each of their respective coaching methods as well as their personal and professional conduct.

Reading about all of this struck home with me especially for recent developments at my place of employ, which suggest that my own coaching talents are being ardently sought after. As such, I have purposed some few precious moments of my time to contemplate my particular methods and ideas towards such an endeavor.

As is discussed in the article, neither am I much of the caricature of the holler-and-cussing, sideline-stamping, vein-bulging type of coach but an intensely stoic teacher of fundamentals – with a penchant for “old school” rigor and exemplary sportsmanship. Teaching not only the “Xs and Os” of tactical game-play, but the deeper appreciation for the careful order within the seeming chaos.

It is good to know of this, to see the Christian walk demonstrated in a field so ripe with barbarism and vainglory as Sport… not simply as some peripheral footnote, but as the unifying dynamic by which men are able to achieve… and more than anything else, by which the LORD is magnified and His Name is honored.


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