Finish Strong

It is the Eighth Hour (final period) of the school day and I happen to have a spare moment, in the closing remnant of this work day, to put down a few lines of thought.

Soon I shall make my way along the winding journey home but I feel that I want to capture some sliver of recollection of this week`s many tiny dramas… and I am inadequate to paint them in anything more than a brief outline of whirring colors and blurred edges. Every minute of this work is packed tight with importance, ripe and bursting with meaningfulness – I must stay on my toes at all times, as there is little room for error or misstep.

By the afternoons of Friday I am oft drawn tight and wearied past the point of comfort, yet I wish to finish each week strong that I might well earn my Weekend`s respite.

For the now, it is thus – I am quite tired, but still there is some little vestige of work that remains of this waning day/week.

Therefore… way I now rise up, emboldened to leave this span of days bested – with a Soul inexpugnable, by GOD`s abundant Grace alone.


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