Getting The Hang Of Thursday

I have observed a strange psychology about the Thursday day of the week, both in my students as well as my colleagues – not to mention myself…

Omitting any occurrence of holidays at either end of the workweek (though not the ending/beginning of a month as is the case on this present Thursday), one must consider Thursday within the context of a standard 8-to-5 weekly work-a-day.

Being, itself, neither the beginning, ending, nor middle of a week Thursday has the decided disadvantage of being the day before the last day of the work week – prompting almost a sentiment of bitterness towards this day, as though it is somehow responsible for the prolonging tedium of one`s labors and an unnecessary hindrance to the imminent weekend.

Some people, it seems, never get the hang of Thursday and attempt to diffuse this temporal melancholy by utilizing the privilege of “sick day” (87.6% of corporate/professional sick days occur on Thursday) or simply ignore the day altogether. In fact, I have observed that many people (both adults and children) are keen on this method. Many times I have heard a fellow teacher say to me: “Doesn`t today feel like Friday to you?” on a day they know full well is actually Thursday, but I`ve never had anyone confuse a Friday for still being Thursday.

As evidenced by the wry ramblings I have written thus far, today was somewhat difficult… I could tell that both the children and my co-workers were restless. It appears that late-January/early-February is something of a “Thursday” of the school year, a long dreary Winter of the Soul.

The dazzling sweetness of these colder days have grown tiresome, and many are eager for the onset of the axial tilt towards the dulcet Spring… the stark bare trees are a dry ache, and one longs to see the branches gilded with verdant warmth.


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