Living For A Working

In a recent conversation with Michael, he mentioned the exertion of types of work; that one might engage in labors that strain the body, leaving their minds more than adequately unwearied for all manner of study.

Alternatively, the tasks of the intellect can easily sap ones capacity for more strenuous pursuits… for the mind can yet exert the will even when the flesh is lingering. However, if the thought be not vigilant, then the strength of one`s frame is a hollow shell that cannot prevail.

Verily I can concur with this, especially insofar as I can testify to it in my particular experiences of employment – my current vocation in particular…

The work I do is not physically exerting to a great degree, though it does have its moments, but it requires considerable emotional and intellectual endurance. Upon my arrival home, it is all I can do to simply repose in the sweet bosom of my family – with a mind still swelling with the wine of the day`s words and events.

It is not only a matter of the recitation of bare facts before an audience of note-taking pupils, but that it is actually the process of learning that many of them struggle. With the matter of intellectual limitations aside, the students are also suffering from events as far-ranging as acclimation within their peer environs to abusive situation within the home.

All of this, I must find a way to guide through the perilous corridors of their own education… and, all of this, I must carry along the way.

The secret griefs, that they can scarcely share with anyone, are entrusted with me… the frustration and the pain of being limited in mind or body (or both), are mine in empathy… the loneliness of being utterly estranged and unable to escape one`s lot… the despair of being marked as flawed and fated as undesirable… all of this, accompanies me for far longer than those hours between the figurative punch of a time-clock.

All of this, shall stay with me.


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