The World You Shall Know

On this evening, as I hold my sweet infant daughter, I wonder at the world I know and the one she was born into – the state of affairs, the history, the legacy left to her by her forebears…

A cynic might carp that one would do well not to bring a new child into a world such as this one, that it would be better to avoid the possibility altogether than to subject another human being to the potential of suffering – an optimist might proffer that one should look upon one`s descendents as fellow crusaders in the ongoing epic struggles of human civilization… but I would incline entirely towards one end or the other.

The world shall flounder onward in its progression of human innovation and the seeming perpetual regressions of culture`s ebb and flow. Older days were not better than these and neither shall be any days yet to come – save for that glorious day of His inevitable return.

In the meantime, we shall all be biding our time. It is giving to men a time to accomplish what they will, and I must consider thus in a like manner for my children. I am not a breeder of conscripts to push forth as fodder before the onslaught, but neither shall I take me and mine into the hidden hills in fearful avoidance.

This daughter of mine has a path that she has yet to know, and it is expected of me that I should aide her in preparation for what might come.


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