Bricks Into Gold Without Straw

In the words of that great philosopher-poet, Winnie-the-Pooh: “Oh bother!”

The issues of finances remain as great an annoyance to me as ever, and I would just as soon do away with them as anything else. While we strive to live within our means, with a life of relative simplicity, it is the issue of the paucity of our means which complicates matters.

We are a frugal household with little-to-no expenditures outside of the immediate “needs” of shelter, transportation, and food – and even our disbursement in these basic categories is remarkably economical. However, when all is said and done, our belt leaves little room to be tightened.

At times such as these, it becomes a game of: what seeming indulgence can we do without? With the only feasible choice being our internet and telephone accounts – as the “indulgences” of electricity and running water are better considered as more essential than superfluous.

Within my soul I feel a tumult of contradictory emotions – including, though not limited to, a vague petulant irritation at those whom complain amidst considerable relative affluence as well as the humbling understanding that there are many whom suffer a far greater degree of impoverishment than we.

…but it is not so much the “not having” as it is an exasperation at the wearisome pattern of treading water and being slowly drowned `neath the incessant breakers of each month – as though we only hold the deficits in a tenuous abeyance, and never reach a foothold from which we can keep from falling behind.

Again, were it a matter of poor stewardship and fiscal irresponsibility, then such behaviors could be rehabilitated… but my belt has been at its tightest notch for as long as I can remember, and I cannot spin straw into gold.


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