That Which Is Necessary

Last month, as I was reading the Gospel of Luke, I came to the episode involving Martha and Mary (the sisters of Lazarus) in which it was written that Martha was “distracted” with much serving – and I remember I gave that point more than a moment`s consideration, so much so that even now I think upon it…

…that one might become encumbered by something so noble as service that they might lose sight of the LORD even as He resides within their own household is a marvel to me, though I do not pretend it cannot be so. This, I know all too well.

I do not so much doubt the intention of Martha`s labors – for I can imagine that she spared neither cost nor effort, thinking no preparation to be too sumptuous or grand, to honor her most holy guest.

Even as Martha`s actions in regards to her love for her LORD were manifest in how she engaged in tasks devoted towards Him, she became burdened by them so as to keep herself from His presence… in a sense, forsaking the guest of honor for the benefit of the party.

True service is inseparable from fellowship with Jesus Christ and even the loveliest overtures of individual service pale before ardently seeking the presence of He that is necessary unto Himself. Even as we, His people, are little more than bondservants to the King – He bids us come and sit at His feet as adopted children.

May I do so gladly, neglecting neither the blessing of nor the reason for service – but seeking to praise and honor Him in both.


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